Cell Leader

Company Name:
Electro-Optics Technology Inc.
A cell leader will work on product as a photonics technician for roughly 80% of a shift. The other 20% is dedicated to ensuring the output of a group of staff (typically 2-6 people) in a particular work cell. They will work with technicians to ensure quality product is being produced and quotas for each work station are met. They will track KPI (key performance indicators) for the cell and individual stations where needed. They will ensure a tidy work area is kept by promoting 5S practices. The cell leader is the primary contact for the cell. Requests for information and the rollout of changes are funnelled through the cell leader.
Essential Duties
Ensure work is carried out (within the cell) in a safe manner at all times and relevant risk assessments are fully understood by the team and all control measures are adhered to.
Perform duties of a Photonics Technician. _This role is a 80% hands on role. (80% of the time is spent making product; 20% of the time is spent on leadership tasks)._
Understand the weekly / daily / hourly output requirements and clearly communicate to the entire team.
Ensure that 5S workplace practices are followed and the work place is cleaned at least once per shift.
Measure and report actual output and be able to, if necessary, communicate the reasons why output falls short of the requirements.
Organise the team in safe and efficient manner to meet output.
1. This includes control of holidays and other planned absences, reacting to unplanned absences, arranging training where required and rotation of staff to keep skill fresh and retain flexibility. Authorisation of holiday on ADP may remain the responsibility of the supervisor.
Ensure all disruptions are reported in accordance with the problem solving process.
Partake in problem solving workshops relating to the cell.
Work closely with the area supervisor and other cell leaders in the area to maximise the output and efficiency of the whole department.
Work closely with the area supervisor to monitor individual cell member performance.
Report any problems in a timely manner.
Highlight gifted employees and exceptional performance. Assist the supervisor with appraisals of cell members.
High School diploma or GED.
Knowledge Requirements
Knowledge of LEAN manufacturing is a plus.
Basic reading, writing, math and basic to intermediate computer skills.
Familiar with computer programs required to track and log products from start to finish. i.e. database, excel spreadsheets and portal inspection records.
Knowledge of the build and test procedures for product(s).
Be able to assist with technical questions from sales or engineering.
Previous EOT experience.
Other Information
Able to sit and/or stand for an 8 to 10 hour shift.
Able to lift 30 - 50 lbs from the floor or table height to a height of chest height, using proper lifting techniques.
Ability to use hands and fingers in the manipulation and assembly of parts.
Demonstrate good dexterity
Able to attain a passport for potential international business travel and training.
Able to work in the area of strong magnetic fields.
EOT is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Date: 2014-04-25
Country: US
State: MI
City: Traverse City
Postal Code: 49684

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